Alumni & Network

APICTAN or The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Network, consists of all Nominees, Winners and Merit Award Recipients. And those individuals who have founded APICTA, serve as Executive Committee, Sub-committee and all who has serve as the judges during the APICTA AWARD competition.

Through this APICTA website, we can build a framework of networking and cooperation, not only to focus on the sharing of knowledge and benchmarking of innovations, but also to facilitate alliances to provide benefits to the ICT in all member economies.

The Global Digital Economy is fast evolving and is driven by this knowledge-based culture facilitated by ICT. Such culture is devoid of borders, and the full value can only be realized through close networking across communities and economies. Such networking will promote the sharing of knowledge which will contribute to narrowing the digital divide as well as boosting the efficiency of economic growth.

List of APICTA Executive Committee Chairperson:

2017 – 2019 Stan Singh Malaysia
2015 – 2017 Dr. Dileepa de Silva Sri Lanka
2014 – 2015 Dr. Dileepa de Silva Sri Lanka
2012 – 2014 Ir. Stephen Lau Hong Kong
2010 – 2012 Sutee Satanasathaporn Thailand