APICTA 2020-2021





Malaysia: “Full of Surprises and Wonder”

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and Modern, High Tech Transportation and Infrastructure Facilities and Services, Kuala Lumpur continues to be a shining example of a Cosmopolitan Asian Capital City that thrives on its people, culture and entrepreneurial, innovative spirit.

This characteristic premeates throughout the country from the North – East – West – South (NEWS) Corridors, including East Malaysia, where Malaysia’s population of nearly 32 million strong, is an amazing potpourri and melting pot of cultures made up of a people who are always ready with a welcoming smile and where ‘open houses’ are a mainstay of the many Festivities throughout the year.

Rich in natural landscapes and beautiful heritage sites, one of the oldest Rainforest in the World, diverse wildlife, scenic and sprawling beaches, many islands that boast of great diving spots, untouched coral reefs, Malaysia, has indeed, much to offer, including fabulous places to have the vacation of your life! And let’s not forget the glorious food! Something for everyone.

To cap it all, Malaysians are indeed an Entrepreneurial lot, and you can expect many innovations from all walks of life – you can witness first hand, as soon as you step foot on Malaysian soil – and from the rich tapestry of Culture, Content and Communication of our people. A ‘Malaysia Boleh’ (Malaysia Can Do) Spirit and Attitude that continues to be a driver of sorts and passion for the country.

‘Selamat Datang’. Welcome, folks – to Malaysia. A land Full of Surprises and Wonder.