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The MSC Malaysia Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards) a jointly organised programme by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) is the perfect platform to cultivate a steady stream of innovators, technopreneurs, thinkers, and visionaries. These individuals are able to look beyond the state of the nation’s ICT industry and execute initiatives for themselves, their businesses and their community, that will make Malaysia a force to be reckoned with globally.

Once again themed “Stimulating Creativity, Innovation and Excellence in ICT”, the APICTA Awards continues to be the best opportunity for our local ICT heroes to showcase their solutions and understand the potential it holds not just for themselves but for the nation as a whole. This year’s APICTA Award Winner and Merit recipients have shown great promise in leading Malaysia on the path of greater innovation. The APICTA Awards is not only a local platform to launch our young and upcoming innovators and technopreneurs, but it is also a renowned international stage for Malaysians to be recognised for their innovation, creativity and ability to take great ideas and turn them into solutions and services of remarkable quality.

Nominees of the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards will be trained through the MDeC-Cradle Collaboration, Coach and Grow Programme (CGP) which focuses on structured coaching by entrepreneurs which is then personalised to each company, individual or school. This is done to raise the quality level of pitches by participants and subsequently increase their chances of winning. Only the top 30 percent of the nominees will receive further coaching where their solutions are then tagged on to KPIs and processes to enable easier monitoring and support during the implementation process.

For more information on the MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards and how to participate, as well as the International APICTA Awards, please visit today.