Submit Your Nomination

Entry is open to all companies in each APICTA member economy. The APICTA Member organisation in each country is responsible for selecting the nominees based on that economy’s awards process.

Once the nominees have been selected, the economy coordinator will be provided with login details for this website, which will allow them to login and follow these steps:

Once registered the economy coordinator can securely login to the website. They will then be given the option to download the submission templates for the various Awards.

The economy coordinator creates a submission using the template, editing it via Microsoft Word – please note the limits on the size of each answer. Each submission also allows for attachments supporting the entry.

Once the submission has been finalised the economy coordinator will lodge it for consideration by the judging panel. The lodgement of submissions must be finalised by the close date as described in the calendar.

This process should be undertaken for each nomination.

All submissions are kept in strict confidence.

Please note: Part of the submission process includes the provision of an organistion profile, which will be displayed alongside they entry if the company is an award winner. Preparation of the profile text is advised prior to starting the submission process. HTML formatting will allow the best display of the profile.