Below are the APICTA Award Category Framework and the details of the Head Categories and the Students’ Project Category, together with the Cross-Category Awards and the Technology Awards. Entries to the Students’ Project Category and entries to the Head Categories are mutually exclusive.

Additionally and optionally, subject to eligibility, a nominated entry to a Head Category can enter in the Cross-Category Awards of Research & Development Project of the Year or Start-Up of the Year.

Additionally and optionally, a nominated entry to a Head Category can, if relevant, also enter in the Technology Awards of the Year of Business Data Analytics, Internet of Things Technology of the Year, Artificial Intelligence Technology of the Year.

Each of the 5 Head Categories, the 2 Cross-Category Awards, the 4 Technology Awards, and the 3 sub-categories of the Students’ Project Category, will have its own judging panel.

The APICTA Awards Category Framework

Head Categories

Cross Categories

Technology Awards