Business Services (HC-BS)

For solutions that drive businesses to function more productively and competitively.

For solutions that drive and deliver business solutions with high levels of productivity and competitiveness. These may be solutions that deliver cross industry functions

Innovations may be from: Banking; Finance; Legal; Accounting; Architecture; HR; Administrative Services & Professional Services sectors.

Solution Categories:

  • Finance & Accounting solutions (Fintech)
  • ICT Services solutions
  • Security solutions
  • Marketing solutions
  • Professional Services (legal, HR etc.) solutions


The entry will be judged on four criteria, each examining two attributes:

Judging CriteriaWeightingAttributesWeighting
Uniqueness25%Technology and Innovation60%
Trend Setting, creativity40%
Market Potential20%Market Share & Potential60%
Business and Financial Model/Strategy40%
Functionalities and Features25%User Requirements50%
Compatibility and Interoperability50%
Quality & Application of Technology30%Content & Standard60%
Product Stability & Reliability40%