Public Sector and Government (HC-PSG)

For services that deliver the digitisation and improvement of citizen services and to improve efficiencies in the machinery of government.

For services the core value of which is to deliver the digitisation of citizen services and improve efficiencies in the machinery of government. Solutions will be developed by all levels of government or government in collaboration with industry partners. Only nominations from Government owned or controlled entities or Government led delivered can apply.

This Award is presented for outstanding ICT innovation dedicated to delivering improved government service delivery or other Digital initiatives for the public.

  • Citizen Services: Government Citizen Services is about Digital Services to public and individual citizen.
  • Digital Government: Digital Government is about managing Digitalization within Government Offices to achieve maximum working efficiencies. The main operative word is “within” the Government.


The entry will be judged on four criteria, each examining two attributes:

Judging CriteriaWeightingAttributesWeighting
Uniqueness25%Technology and Innovation60%
Trend Setting, creativity40%
Value to Public/ Government30%Accessibility & Reach50%
Transparency & Impact on Quality of Life50%
Functionalities and Features25%User Requirements50%
Compatibility and Interoperability50%
Quality & Application of Technology20%Content & Standard60%
Product Stability & Reliability40%