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2015 -t18-22 November, COLOMBO, SRI LANKA

It is an honour and privilege for the Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), BCS the Chartered Institute for IT Sri Lanka Section (BCSSL) and the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) to host the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA) 2015 in Sri Lanka. The ICT industry of Sri Lanka looks forward to receiving each and every one of you in Colombo from 18-22 November 2015 and we have already started the preparations for the APICTA 2015.

APICTA being a truly international event that creates the platform for the best in ICT in the region to interact with each other offers multiple benefits to all stakeholders in the APICTA member economies.

APICTA 2015 program will be combined with a Business Forum and a Student Knowledge Sharing Forum. Business Forum will be consisting of a Panel Discussion on business development, One-to-One Business Matching services and economy focused mini-breakfast meetings etc. in order to create a common platform for potential investors, business partners, traders and the business community to explore possible business partnerships and investments, explore import and export opportunities. The Student Knowledge Sharing Forum will provide an opportunity to showcase the innovative tertiary & Secondary student products to potential investors and partners whilst providing a platform for the students to network with each other.

Parallel to APICTA 2015, the Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) plans to conduct the Sri Lanka’s largest ICT exposition INFOTEL 2015 – under the theme of ‘Connecting Citizens’. Hence, the Government of Sri Lanka has decided to declare 16-22 November, 2015 as “The National ICT Week of Sri Lanka’ to coincide with APICTA–2015 Awards.

Sri Lanka has been from ancient times the meeting point between the Asia Pacific and the west. We have some of the world’s most famous beaches, to lofty mountains, some of which are home to the world’s best known ‘Ceylon tea’. As an island we also have an amazing variety of flora and fauna and safari parks teeming with wildlife. Our cultural sites are among UNESCO’s global heritage listing.

Further, with experience in hosting international and regional Summits and conferences such as CHOGM, World Summit Awards (WSA), World Youth Conference, International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards, SAARC etc. in the recent past we already have the required infrastructure within close proximity for participants’ convenience.

We have no doubt that all our regional colleagues will support us in organizing this prestigious event as it is the first time that APICTA is organized in Sri Lanka and we are happy to share our experience with our friends in the APICTA.

We have the full confidence that it will prove to be a fun-filled professional experience complemented by the well-set social and cultural atmosphere amidst the beautiful and breathtaking surroundings in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Wishing you a fruitful and enjoyable APICTA 2015!

Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS)

BCS the Chartered Institute for IT Sri Lanka Section (BCSSL)